5 Ways to Practice Self Love This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day comes with way too much pressure–whether it be what your date should look like, what gift you receive, and whether you're single or in a relationship.

In preparation of Valentine’s Day this year, consider putting your energy into the relationship that you have with yourself!  Here are 5 ways to practice self love this Valentine's Day. Try one or all of these, and see which one resonates with you.

1. Create a Positive Mantra

We all have an ongoing internal script that we sometimes aren’t even aware of. Become mindful of your inner voice and guide it to choose loving messages whenever the negativity starts to creep in.  Here are some empowering mantras: “I love and accept myself always” or “Self love is my birthright,” or “I am valuable.”

2. Spoil Yourself

Always remember to indulge in things that create passion and excitement in your life. These are the things that fuel you to consistently function at your best and flood you with good energy. Whether it is a great book or a walk in nature, be sure to set this valuable time aside for yourself.

3. Eat Well

Being selective about what food you choose to nourish your body with, is one of the most important forms of self love. Know how your food choices affect you and select the ones that create the highest form of energy, comfort and delight in your body.

4. Forgive Yourself

Excuse yourself for all the times that you may have lost a significant piece of yourself to find another. Deeply forgiving past mistakes and misjudgments in your past relationships will help you cultivate an open heart that is ready for new experiences.

5. Write Yourself a Love Note

Take some time to write down all of the things that you admire about yourself. Release the urge to point out your flaws. Your self-doubt muscle may be stronger than your self-love muscle at the moment, but focusing on your strengths and your gifts will fuel your mission to create more appreciation and gratitude for yourself.

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Happy Valentine's Day (or Galentine's Day)! 



February 09, 2021 — Chelsa Davis

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