Dry Skin Bundle

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Show your dry skin some love with the Dry Skin Bundle, including: 

  • Malina Gel Cleanser (2oz) 
  • Rose Water Toner (2oz)
  • 'Iliwai Hydration Serum (1oz)

What it is:

A hyaluronic acid cleanser, facial toner, and hydration serum deliver an instant fix for dry red skin

Why AO Babes love it: 

  • Severe dry skin needs intensive nourishment at every step of your skin routine
  • Douse skin in hydrating ingredients with our top 3 dry-skin favorites
  • Whether you have dry itchy skin, flaky skin, or both, this trio provides relief from start to finish
  • Maline Gel Cleanser with hyaluronic acid is a gentle cream face wash that nurtures and soothes as it cleanses
  • Rose Water Toner tames dry flakes as you spritz it on throughout the day
  • 'Iliwai Hydration Serum specifically formulated to replenish and repair your skin for healthy, youthful radiance and lift.
  • Together, these products infuse dry skin with moisture for a calm complexion and a stronger moisture barrier

Suggested Use: 

  1. Cleanse with Malina Gel Cleanser 
  2. Tone with Rose Water Toner by spritzing directly onto skin or spray onto cotton pad and swipe entire face
  3. Apply (pea size amount) of 'Iliwai Hydration serum to damp skin. 
  4. Moisturize  with your moisturizer of choice to lock in hydration