Reef Safe Sunscreen

The Importance of Reef Safe Sunscreen

Hawaii is a beautiful island that attracts millions of visitors to our beaches each and every year. Aside from the beautiful fish and marine life, our beaches are full of natural ocean reefs. These reefs are an integral part of the way our oceans and beach function. Each reef is a small ecosystem that supports millions of tiny animals including fish, corals, and invertebrates. The delicate balance of a reef can be disrupted by the slightest change in the water. Sadly, traditional sunscreen, packed full of chemicals, is rapidly damaging the reefs surrounding Hawaii, and the rest of the world. It can take little, if any time at all, to kill a large section of the ocean reef. Sadly though, it can take years for a portion of a dead reef to recover, and many reefs never do. This is why reef safe sunscreen is so important. In many of the beaches surrounding Hawaii, reef safe sunscreen is required to even be allowed to enter the water. In Hawaii, we care about our natural resources and will do everything in our power to be able to protect them.


This is why the team at Ao Organics is so passionate about creating reef friendly sunscreen. We understand that our resources are limited, so we want to keep our ocean reefs in place for years to come. The reefs are vital to a number of living things, so our reef friendly sunscreen is geared toward preservation. All of our reef friendly sunscreen options are filled with natural and organic ingredients. These ingredients are sourced locally from Hawaii, and are designed to make as little of an impact as possible on the environment. We want you to be protected from the sun, while also keeping our oceans pure. Choose a reef friendly sunscreen option if you are visiting Hawaii or any local beach. Do your part in protecting nature's wonders, so we may have these beautiful reefs for years to come.