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  • Hibiscus Toner

    Our Hibiscus Toner is made with all organic hibiscus, organic ALCOHOL-FREE witch hazel, Vitamin C, and distilled water. That's it! No added chemicals❌ Allowing your skin to have access to the best treatment and cleanest care. 


    Hibiscus is known for its ability to cleanse, tone and balance the skins delicate pH. Hibiscus is rich in alpha hydroxy acids that naturally exfoliate and amino acids that provide a tightening effect to the skin without stripping the natural (sebum) oils. The tea also has a high vitamin C content, which helps fight the signs of aging.


    Hibiscus is considered the "BOTOX" plant 


    One of the most powerful anti-ageing plant actives; it’s no wonder Hibiscus is called the ‘Botox' plant. Hibiscus has a magical reputation for increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost. With the incredible ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin, Hibiscus actively combats the ageing process by firming and lifting your skin


    Not only does this help with age spots, this Hibiscus benefit can encourage an all round fresher, younger, smoother looking complexion. The natural acids present in Hibiscus help to purify your skin by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover, they can even help to control acne breakouts.


    Why Choose an ALCOHOL Free toner? 

    💛Less Irritation - the job of a GOOD toner is to get rid of damage that appears on the surface of the skin. Toners containing alcohol will irritate your skin, resulting in redness and inflammation🙅🏽‍♀️ An alcohol-free toner is much more gentle and will allow the surface of your skin to heal🌸


    💛pH Becomes Normal - an alcohol-free toner will balance the pH levels of your skin with more ease, which will decrease the likelihood of skin irritation. 


    💛Rejuvenate - an alcohol-free toner will help rejuvenate and energize your skin, giving you a healthier glow and smoother appearing skin. The dryness or appearance of oily skin will be reduced significantly b y using this type of toner on your skin daily🙌