Eco-friendly Skincare

Protect the Environment with Eco-friendly Skincare

While it is incredibly important for you to monitor the products used on your face, it is vitally important to use products that help to protect the environment. Particularly in the beauty field, too many products include harsh and toxic chemicals. Not only are these chemicals damaging to your own skin, but they are hazardous to the environment. At Ao Organics, we are pleased to offer eco-friendly skincare solutions. All of our products are made of natural ingredients that are sourced directly from Hawaii. We love our native home, and are pleased to share the wonders this island can produce with the rest of the world. Our eco-friendly skin care includes natural ingredients such as coffee beans and rose water, safe and gentle for you and the environment.


One of our best-selling products is our eco friendly sunscreen. Traditional sunscreen is packed full of harsh chemicals such as oxybenzone. This is an extremely toxic chemical that can have an adverse impact on your health. Regularly applying traditional sunscreen can cause the body to absorb this chemical repeatedly which can be harmful. Oxybenzone has been known to cause damage to the reproductive systems and worse. Further, having foreign and manmade chemicals on the body day in and day out can cause the skin to become damaged and dry. The team at Ao Organics is pleased to present organic and eco friendly sunscreen solutions that offer natural, yet effective, ingredients. Our eco friendly sunscreen comes in a variety of forms including a liquid, spray, stick, or bar.


Our sunscreen, aside from being all natural and organic, is also an ocean friendly sunscreen. Oxybenzone does not only destroy human skin, but it can destroy ocean reefs too. In our oceans, there are beautiful and natural coral reefs simply filled with life. Ocean reefs are a home to many animals including fish, corals, and invertebrates. When traditional sunscreen is released into the water, in the vast quantities tourism has brought to the island, it can be absolutely devastating to reef life. Large patches of the reef are killed, which can take years, if not centuries, to grow back. Our ocean friendly sunscreen is geared toward protecting our ocean reefs and the life within them. We want to be able to preserve this natural wonder of the world with safe and effective sunscreen.