My name is Chelsa Davis, owner and creator of Ao Organics. I want to share a little about myself and the "why" behind my business. 

I am Native Hawaiian, born and raised here in Hawaiʻi, growing up with a love and deep respect for the ocean and the land.


When I became a mother, I was more health conscious and aware of what I was putting into and onto our bodies, I think all parents can relate to that in some way or another. 

Being an ocean loving family, we spend most of our family days at the beach, playing under the sun. Sunscreen has always been a staple in our beach bag. In 2016, when I was pregnant with my third baby, I really took a deeper look into reading the labels on not just the food we were eating but even the products we were using. So when I  started learning how toxic the sunscreens we were using and the ingredients and chemicals that were in them, we stopped using them completely. At that time it was hard to find a brand we could trust that was 100% organic in stores. So thats when I got into our kitchen and started making our own.

This is me, my 'Ohana (family), and my Keiki (children). 

Mahalo iā 'oe! With my whole heart, I am grateful for each of you. For all the ALOHA (love), Kāko'o (support), comment, or even follow or like on our Social Media pages. 

It means the world to Me, my small business, and our family. 

It is truly an honor to create these products for all of you. 

 Warmest Aloha,


Owner & Maker of Ao Organics